Hello. My name is Laura Hampton.

As a licensed massage therapist of 13 years, I have been practicing the art of massage,bodywork, and emotional & energetic therapies. It is a great honor to help facilitate healing. Life is a journey. How we maintain the ship can make a great impact on the experience or course.

Over the years it never ceases to amaze me how the healing arts transform and impact all areas of living.

I have found great enjoyment and healing through the art of Massage therapy, Reiki (ray-key),makeup art, aromatherapy, music, and Qigong (chhe-gong). These practices give a gentle approach to healing and sense of self. They have made a huge impact on my life through all kinds of experiences. It is an honor and great passion to share these gifts.

My experience with massage began at age 15 when I received my first session. I knew then, it was my path. I grew up with family members, including myself, suffering from heart disease to autoimmune diseases. The healing arts I practice have given me peace and healing that was unlike anything else. I have experienced and seen in others how massage therapy positively impacts us on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

With this understanding and great appreciation, I strive to provide a healing space for clients by giving a well-rounded, customized experience. I listen closely to each client, so I can provide a session tailored to their individual needs. It is an honor and a blessing to share these therapeutic gifts and pay it forward.

In addition to massage therapy, I explore other healing arts including energy healing and makeup artistry.



  • Licensed massage therapist

  • Certified Level 1 instructor in Qi Gong and Reiki

  • Professional freelance makeup artist, with a background in MAC Pro Artistry