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Meghan's Wedding

Makeup applied for Meghan, her bridesmaids & mother.

"Your wedding day is something so special, a day you will never forget, a day where you dance the night away for hours with your closest family, friends, and the love of your life, a day where you are the star, a day that is filled with pictures from beginning to end, and one of the most fabulous moments of your life. Laura played such a role in my wedding day, and I cannot thank her enough. Our pictures were gorgeous, and I really feel a huge part of that is because I loved the way my makeup looked and felt. I felt beautiful from the beginning of my wedding to the very bitter end of the night when my groom and I were being gently forced out of the venue by the cleaning crew, insisting on “just one more dance” and “just one more drink” :) The night was flawless, and so was my makeup. My husband even noticed my make-up, and commented several times on how "pretty I looked". Now if that doesn't make you feel good, I don't know what will :) 
Laura catered to my skin-type (which isn’t always easy as I am fair, freckled, and red-cheeked) and my taste, while adding her professional touch. She visited with me prior to my wedding day to do a practice run which was fantastic and a huge help. Makeup is a big deal, and you want to make sure you look like yourself but also look elegant and beautiful, and not just for a couple hours, but for the entire night. The trial run helped me to understand what colors she would use, the products she would use, what I liked best, and finally settle on the “final look”. My bridesmaids also LOVED their makeup, and my mother ranted and raved for weeks about not only how wonderful her makeup looked but also how fabulous Laura was at making her feel pampered and special. My mom insisted on purchasing the products Laura used on my wedding day and she still used them – she really did look gorgeous. Laura spends equal time on everyone in the bridal party, making every girl feel just as catered to as the last, and for the bride, she brings a peaceful, calming energy that cannot be taken for granted on one of the, yes, most fabulous days of your life, but also one of the most hectic. Laura calmed me, pampered me, and created a beautiful work of art for myself and the wedding party. The makeup she used lasted through hours of dancing, laughing, pictures, and drinks, and we all know after hours of a good solid party, your makeup doesn’t always look so flawless – but she made sure to use the best products while remaining very reasonable in price. Her knowledge and experience in cosmetics, make-up, and skin care is hands-down a huge asset. Laura is an artist, and as often as I have tried to recreate my wedding look, I just can’t. She has a special touch and is such a joy to work with. If I can recommend anything for your wedding day, make sure you have good, easy to be around people to assist you with getting ready, and for goodness sake, use Laura for your makeup – she will seriously enhance your big day!!" - Meghan Clark

Melody's Wedding

Laura is amazing! If you want to look your best then you need Laura. Her talent is undeniable. She will work hard to make you look and feel flawless on the inside and out. Her ability to see the beauty in everything and her passion for people are what make her second to none. 


Melody Harvey

Love doing sugar skulls!!!  Model: Amanda Call 

Love doing sugar skulls!!!

Model: Amanda Call 



Liz's Wedding

Makeup applied for Liz, maid of honor and last bridesmaid on right side . 


Judy's Wedding